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timeghost – Feature Overview and First Steps


What is timeghost?

In case you wondered what timeghost is all about, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s have a look at the basic features that come with timeghost and how they come together for tracking project times more efficiently than you’ve probably ever done before. That is especially the case if you already work with Microsoft Office 365 or planning to do so

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First steps

For this feature overview, we assume that you already have an Office 365 account and are already logged into your account. 

There will be another article just on all the ways you can access and find your timeghost. For now, we are already here, logged into your personal or company Office account:

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First of all, timeghost is designed as an Office app. This means that you can find and list this app directly on your personal or company Office 365 site, being able to launch the app, just like you would with Outlook, Excel, Word in case you started here. But you can also launch timeghost directly by entering the URL web.timeghost.io.   

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Please note (and this is important): Launching timeghost for the first time, you will be asked to grant some basic access rights for the app. You’ve encountered this box or others of this kind many times before:

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This is necessary, normal and straightforward and certainly nothing to worry about. Doing this will unlock the best of timeghost like e.g. the Feed feature.  

As soon as the app has launched, you find yourself in the Timer which is basically the main page of the app and likely the one page you visit more often than anything else. 

A screenshot of timeghost timer

Welcome to timeghost


Empty at first, you do all the things that time tracking apps are designed for: You enter and define times either manually or you click on a play button that starts recording a time as long as you don’t click on the button again. You also name the task, select the project this task belongs to, and have the option to create projects and clients right at the spot when clicking “Select Project”select and create tagsetc. This is all quite intuitive altogether, but we will also cover more and more details on how to work with timeghost here in our Blog and also in videos you find both linked here and directly on our Youtube channels in English or German.

Your list of times in this Timer will grow over time as you can see here. 

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If you already worked with time tracking software before, you can tell that this section is pretty standard and we improved many details to fit our own preferences in this section. All things that we sincerely hope you also appreciate and find helpful. Leave a comment any time to let us know.


But let’s skip the details on the Timer for this overview and move on to what we consider to be the best and most interesting, unique part of timeghost: the Feed section.

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We designed timeghost deliberately for Office 365. This means more than just linking timeghost to an already existing account, which could have been any account including Google, Apple or even Facebook for that reason. For you and timeghost, Office integration means full integration. Everything is dedicated to full integration. 

Let’s take a look on how this works for the Feed at this time:

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The Feed section picks events taken right from your Outlook Feed and presents them in a feed to the left. You can easily drag and drop any of the entries onto a box to the right that represent one of your projects. Once dropped you are able to fine-tune the details and save it as billable or not. It’s that easy!

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 Checking back to the Timer section, the saved event will then become part of your list, ready to be edited, continued etc. 

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The Feed as of right now is basically the first iteration of a feature that will evolve considerably and eventually include more “reminders” like these events taken from you Outlook calendar entries. Among these are meetings and calls held in Microsoft Teams that haven’t been set as appointments in Outlook Calendar. Our roadmap also includes reminders on work spent writing emails and documents that have been saved in OneDrive

So, the Feed section will change into a hugely helpful feed of events. We ourselves are very excited about these additions that are all about not spending time on tracking time itself but to make it as convenient as it might get for you when working with Office 365, never to forget a thing again. 



As a third main section, the Dashboard is then the main hub for getting an overview on times and work spent on projects. 

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Here you can select your intervals for getting an overview on all the times spent on projects – set as billable or not, across the whole team or not. 

We offer different formats for output out of the box, so that you can export overviews into PDF format or Excel spreadsheets. You have lots of flexibility with this by using Microsoft Flow or Automate Now and we will show you how to do this exactly in Videos tutorials and further articles here in this Blog.

For now, this covers the main features of timeghost in this short overview that should get you started right away. 



If you need any help in setting up timeghost please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Center or send us an email to [email protected].

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