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NEW timeghost Power Automate Connector

Maximilian Fleckner

We see time spent efficiently during your working hours as one of the most important factors in today’s modern workplace environment. There can be a lot of distraction through incoming mails, lengthy meetings or Slack and Microsoft Teams messages. Therefore, we want to enable our users to individually integrate timeghost into their own work routine and their unique workflow so that it allows them to focus on their actual tasks rather than thinking about tracking the times spent on those tasks.

With this we are very happy to announce that our updated timeghost Power Automate connector will soon be released on https://flow.microsoft.com/de-de/connectors/.

There are quite some changes that will make time tracking and working with timeghost in general more convenient for you.

The first completely new feature is the option for custom feed entries. This is an extension to all the “out of the box” feed entries already integrated in timeghost like Outlook Calendar entries, OneDrive file changes, Planner tasks etc.

You can now automatically add custom entries to your personal feed with workflows that are connected to programs like Jira. Every time an issue assigned to you gets closed, it will be added to your feed:

Microsoft Power Automate

Here you can see some further examples for custom feed entries triggered by flow connectors like Freshdesk, Jira, Trello, GitHub and Teams. You can add icons to easily differentiate between these sources and change how they look in the timeghost feed:


Another great feature are the new triggers. You can now start workflows by creating, updating or deleting different objects in timeghost (client, project, tag, task and time) and connect those triggers with other apps like Asana. For example, every time you create a project in timeghost, a project the same name gets created in Asana:

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We also updated all of the already existing “add”, “update”, “get”, “create” and “delete” actions to ensure that our flows have increased functionality and are easier to use. We created some new “get” actions to return more specified results. In this example you can see how to connect timeghost with a flow button:

Ein Bild, das Screenshot, Computer enthält. Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

In the coming weeks we are going to release flow templates for a lot of connectors in Microsoft Power Automate and tutorials to help you create your own personal workflows.

If you need any help in setting up timeghost please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Center or send us an email to [email protected]

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