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NEW timeghost Dashboard features and design

Maximilian Fleckner

Analyze your working hours

Many companies struggle to track where they spend their times. Therefore, it is hard for them to identify the real impact of wasted times on their overall company performance. Such seemingly basic and simple discipline as tracking your working hours is often complicated by the fact that today companies still rely on their employees to track their times in Excel sheets or even manually on paper.

That’s where timeghost really helps companies to understand where times are wasted and where working hours generate a good ROI. Especially the reworked dashboard in timeghost allows you to establish important learnings from the projects and working times that you track there.

New dashboard UI

timeghost Dashboard

To understand the data generated through timeghost better you can use the new extensive filters that the dashboard offers.

More filters

You can filter the available data for your clients, projects and employees. Besides that, you can also view with one click all billable or non-billable times.

Rounding your times

Another great feature that’s new to the dashboard is rounding times up or down in order to get a better and faster overview about the performance of your teams.

Export your data to different formats

And of course, you can also export all your data from timeghost and use it in other formats in order to get information and learnings out of them or simply store it in your archives.

So timeghost isn’t only a perfectly integrated Microsoft 365 time tracking tool, it also helps you to understand your company and the opportunities to optimize your employees’ performances.

If you need any help in setting up timeghost please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Center or send us an email to [email protected]

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