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Amazing timeghost integration – Microsoft Planner Tasks

Sven Lawo

In the time of digitalization it is more and more important to be fast and accurate. Precisely for this reason we use many solutions like the Microsoft Planner that support us in our working process. 

With timeghost it is our mission to make project planning as productive as possible. For us time tracking is a basic requirement that is needed to guarantee good project planning.

With the integration of Microsoft Planner we have successfully integrated another useful Office 365 application into timeghost. It is another step to make time tracking as convenient as possible for our users. 

Benefits that come with Microsoft Planner

Office 365 has many useful tools and the Planner is definitely one of them.

With the intuitive Office 365 Planner the efficiency of task management can be increased even further.

The Planner is a web-based planning tool that makes the organization and task management in your company easier. In addition, each of your employees can easily upload their tasks so that the tasks are visible to the whole team.

Microsoft Planner

How does the integration in timeghost look

With the Planner it is possible to create projects and display the current status visually.

We create those tasks in the Planner to stay on track. For timeghost it is now possible to get those tasks and show them to you in the timeghost Feed section.

All you have to do is to move the tasks via drag and drop on the project you want it to be in. Now it will be displayed in your timer section and you can adjust the time as needed.

Since projects are created in the Planner anyway, we wanted it to be as convenient as possible for our users to track the time in timeghost as well.

This integration makes the time recording for Microsoft Planner easier. Since your projects will get displayed automatically in the timeghost feed. Down below you see our feed and the possibility to move the projects via drag and drop on the right project.

It really is as simple as it looks.

So timeghost isn’t only a superb time tracking tool, it is also integrated in many other programs of Office 365. It is a constantly growing software and can improve your company’s performance.

How to integrate the Microsoft Planner with timeghost

To integrate the planner into timeghost just follow these instructions:

1. Click on the (+) button in the feed
2. This window should pop up.
3. Activate the planner by clicking on the toggl button next to it.


Try it yourself

If you already use the planner you can just give it a shot and activate it in timeghost.

Besides that you can find our timeghost Teams App in the Microsoft AppSource.

Please give us a shout out if you like it and if not how to improve it. If you need any help in setting up timeghost please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Center or send us an email to [email protected]

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