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Timmy the AI assistant in the timeghost Feed

NEW AI assistant directly integrated to timeghost

Maximilian Fleckner

AI assistants are a buzzword flying around for some time now. Often, they are misunderstood to be able to come up with real creativity and replace humans, but that’s not what AI assistants actually are meant to be doing.

What is an AI assistant?

Therefore, let’s have a look at a definition of virtual or AI assistant that I found on www.artificialintelligenceb2b.com:

B2B businesses have a large workload of tasks that do not always require special attention, but still demand time. Virtual digital assistants use artificial intelligence to automate more of these tasks to help reduce workloads and improve workplace efficiencies.


Meet Timmy – the AI assistant in timeghost

So, with that definition in mind we were creating our very own AI assistant and integrated it to timeghost. He is called Timmy and will make your timeghost user experience even smoother than before.

Timmy’s first field of action will be the timeghost Feed. The main task for him so far is to suggest you the most probable project you want to book your times on based on your previous decisions.

What lays ahead for Timmy?

But of course, this will only be the first of many steps to make Timmy your perfect AI assistant regarding time tracking and project management. We are already planning new use cases for Timmy to be your assistant and helping you to track your times and manage your projects directly in timeghost more efficiently and without losing track of anything.

He is now available in every timeghost app

You only need to install the timeghost Teams App directly from the Teams Store in the application. You can find a manual on how to do this right here. The timeghost app includes all features that you know from the web client and since you use your Office 365 account in order to access timeghost you’re set and done in only a few seconds.

Timmy will be right there to assist you!

Try it yourself

We really appreciate all the feedback we can get, so please feel free to contact us and tell us what needs improvement or what you are missing in timeghost.

If you need any help in setting up timeghost, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Center or send us an email to [email protected].


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