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Microsoft Teams - 4 reasons why Teams is the best communication tool

Microsoft Teams – 4 reasons why Teams is the best communication software

Tim Lauenroth

“Effective teamwork starts and ends with communication”

Mike Krzyzewski – Basketball coach

At timeghost, we are convinced that good communication is one of the decisive factors for success within a team and for the company. Meanwhile, we conduct most of our meetings online. The backgrounds of the meetings are virtual, and each person is in a different location.

Nevertheless, communication tools can greatly increase the productivity of those meetings. Good tools now include many more functions than simply the ability to hold virtual meetings.

timeghost firmly believes that Microsoft Teams is by far the best communication tool currently available on the market. We would like to present you 4 reasons why Microsoft Teams is the tool that, in our opinion, no company should be without in the future!

1. Intuitive, simple handling

Microsoft Teams is designed to promote and improve communication and teamwork in groups. It is very easy to use within the application, as the buttons and choices are self-explanatory. The images on the buttons not only allow new users to find their way around quickly – but even users who have been using Teams for a while can work more productively thanks to the great interface.

Groups can be created with two clicks, and you can decide how to communicate with the participants, whether by call, video call or chat.

The communication options are the basis of Teams. What distinguishes Teams from many communication platforms, however, is the diverse expandability within the app.

2. Further options

The variety of possibilities that Teams offers its users cannot be found in any other collaborative software. You have the possibility to meet virtually, to exchange in groups and with other people, or to share and edit documents with each other.

With new features being developed every day, the app is constantly being optimized. For this reason, the user experience is optimally adapted to the needs of customers and will continue to be aligned more closely to customer wishes in the future.

At timeghost, we notice this close connection to customer needs especially in our timeghost Teams app.  For Teams users, the software is available as a collaborative app in the Microsoft Teams Store and thus can provide even more functions and possibilities for the customer. This brings us to reason number two.

3.     Third Party App Integration

Teams is a very strong application, especially in terms of compatibility. There are now over 500 collaborative apps in the Teams Store that can be integrated into Microsoft Teams. timeghost also offers the timeghost Teams App, an application where working hours for various projects and be transferred directly to Teams. In addition, our app enables connection to other Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Planner, SharePoint, Teams or Azure DevOps.

Third-party apps allow you a smooth integration and extend your Microsoft365 environment at the same time. Teams offers you the perfect platform for the interaction of different programs.

Microsoft Teams Store

4. Interactive meetings

There is no platform that promotes interactivity among participants the way Teams does. Especially in the future, this will be one of the keys to successful hybrid working. Because one thing is clear: personal exchange and contact will continue to be very important. The goal should be to reproduce physical contact as best as possible in order to be able to capture facial expressions, gestures and, above all, emotions. Because in order to be able to guarantee complete communication, the factors mentioned above, facial expressions and gestures, are also important in addition to words.

The Together mode of Mircrosoft Teams makes this possible. Participants of the meetings have the possibility to get pretty close to the realities of a normal meeting with the Together mode. Typically, virtual conversations are held where each person has their own background. Teams wants to create an environment for users where participants are in a virtual room and can see each other. To achieve this, the background of each participant is hidden and adjusted to the auditorium. In addition, the square tiles that are usually seen in meetings disappear. 

Considering that most meetings in the future will take place via webcam, it definitely makes sense to map the flow of a normal meeting with new technologies to best capture everyone’s reactions and emotions. 

In addition, features like the whiteboard or the ability to take OneNote notes during a meeting can be used as well. Finally, Teams gives you the ability to host group meetings with up to 350 participants, as well as live events or webinars with up to 10,000 participants.


Microsoft Teams is just the right tool for your business if you want to boost team collaboration, structure teamwork, support remote work, and increase productivity. Especially the Third-Party-Apps and the possibilities, when it’s about interacting with other people, are the features no other platform in this sector provides.

Our tip:

Connect Microsoft Teams with collaborative apps and discover the potential of Teams for your business!

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