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Microsoft Teams: Features and innovation on Ignite Fall 2021

Microsoft Teams: Features and innovation on Ignite Fall 2021

Tim Lauenroth

On the Microsoft Ignite Fall, some new features and innovations of Microsoft Teams were introduced, which should be available for all Teams users soon. We present you our best new features in this post. For detailed descriptions of all other features introduced at Microsoft Ignite Falls, see the Microsoft Tech Community blog post.


Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Mesh

What Microsoft Teams has at heart in the coming months is the further development of interactivity among each other. Microsoft Teams wants to make communication as interactive as possible and will offer great solutions for this in the upcoming period. For example, in the future it will be possible to use Microsoft Mesh within Microsoft Teams. This means that a virtual reality environment will be created within Teams in which you can communicate with other people. With Mesh you don’t have to show yourself on camera but everybody still speaks in an interactive environment. We think, this is a cool, funny, and also effective feature, which makes communication more comfortable for Teams users.

Quelle: Microsoft

Organizing meetings

For upcoming meetings, you can assign appropriate roles to the participants during the planning stage, which allows you to specify the structure of the meeting. For example, you can specify who is the organizer or presenter.

Better organization during meetings is ensured when raising hands. Microsoft Teams has developed a feature that shows you who raised their hand first, second and third.

Chat functions

There are several new features in the chat in the future, again designed to improve the user experience within Teams.

Chat density function

With the chat density function you can see up to 50% more chat messages at once.


Microsoft Teams is trying to make chat conversations as real as possible. That’s why there will be over 800 new 3D emojis in the future, allowing you to add emotion to your chat message. So far, there are six emojis in Teams.

Choosing when to send the message

“Delay delivery of messages enables you to select a specific time to send a message. Like delay delivery in outlook, you will be able to send out chat message in a time that is convenient to you, and the message will arrive to its destination at the time you scheduled.”

Microsoft Tech Community

We think this is a great way to plan better and not disturb others at work. For example, if you know your colleague is doing Deep Work and doesn’t want to be distracted, you can schedule the message to arrive at the right time.

Collaboration Apps

Dynamics 365 and Teams

“Dynamics 365 and Teams help organizations bring networks closer so those closest to issues can access the people and information needed to spur innovation and solve problems.”

Microsoft Tech Community

What Teams is working on in collaboration with Dynamics365 in the future is access to business data sets. Most importantly, by working together, the two programs will better connect networks with their data sets. In conjunction with Microsoft Search, this will bring quick results in the future. How it looks concretely, Microsoft will show in a preview in 2022.

One feature that we are very excited about as a collaborative app is the improved collaboration in Dynamics365. Especially that in the future it will be possible to share data sets from different programs directly in teams.

“Sales teams need access to experts across the organization to build proposals address customer needs. Now, teams can invite anyone across the company to collaborate on Dynamics 365 sales records within the flow of a Teams chat or channel.”

Microsoft Tech Community

Teams chat is integrated with Dynamics 365. Data from Dynamics 365 can be used for your Teams collaboration activities, and at the same time, chats can be linked to Dynamics365 records such as sales or service cases.

Administration features in Teams

New features are also being integrated into the Teams Admin Center, primarily to help IT admins better monitor processes within companies to resolve issues more quickly. The details of the features can be found in the blog post of the Microsoft Tech Community.

In summary, what are we excited about in the future of Microsoft Teams?

  • New features in video/audio calls, webinars and conferences designed to make the conversation more interactive and effective
  • New features that simplify the organization of virtual meetings and provide better visibility
    to all participants
  • New chat features that also increase interactivity
  • The combination of Dynamics365 + Microsoft Teams
  • Teams management features that help IT administrators in particular to solve problems faster

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