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timeghost administrator - the 3 best features

timeghost administrator – the 3 best features

Tim Lauenroth

In order to provide you with the best possible support for your projects, we have given different roles to the project participants within our application. There is the regular user, the project member, the project manager and the administrator. The mentioned roles are assigned different functions in timeghost, in order to be able to hold the projects even more effectively and better in timeghost.

In this blog we will mainly focus on the role of the administrator and show you the three best features the administrator has when using our time tracking software:

1. Permissions

2. Team activity

3. Profitability


1. Permissions

The core that separates administrators, project managers and the employees in our software are the different permissions. Each of the roles has different tasks and permissions within timeghost.

In the animation you can see how the roles are composed in timeghost. The administrator has the overview of the different workspaces, projects and employees. As an administrator, you can create different projects in each workspace. The project manager has an overview of the individual projects within the workspace and can check the time entries and tasks of the individual employees. The project members and the regular users depend on the settings that the project managers or the administrators define regarding the permissions of the employees.

timeghost permissions

In the screenshot you can see the different permissions that the administrator has available.

The permissions are:

  • New Projects are billable – Yes/No
  • Allow booking future times – Yes/No
  • Times can intersect – Yes/No
  • Who can see hourly rates of the employees?
  • Who can see the team-activity?
  • Who can create projects?
  • Who can manage clients?
  • Who can manage tags?

The administrator has the ability to design his workspace as he likes and decides by setting permissions how a workspace is structured.

team activity

2. Team-activity

The team-activity feature mainly gives you an insight into the work of your individual team members. You as an administrator can always see the last 25 tasks of your team through the team-activity. This in turn means that you are very close to the tasks of the projects. One advantage of being close to the project is that you can quickly adjust tasks and responsibilities of the project. For example, if you notice that a team member is a bit distracted from the actual tasks or has capacity for another task, you can make optimizations based on the team activities.


3. Profitability Feature

The Profitability feature gives you an overview of the billed hours of your project. In the settings under permissions, you can pre-select which hourly rate should be entered when billing the project. If you book a time entry, it will immediately be charged with the hourly rate and displayed in this diagram. You will not only see how much you have earned from the project, but you can also see the loss.

Profitability timeghost