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Why every company should track their project times

time tracking – 5 good reasons why every company should use it

Tim Lauenroth

What do you think of when you first hear the word time tracking? Often, tracking work hours turns out to be an important and key element in taking each employee’s work to the next level. Especially when it comes to running different projects.

We will show you why a project time tracking software, especially timeghost, should not be missed in any company and why the employee, the company, and ultimately the customer benefit from the recording working hours in projects.

1. Quantification

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By recording the working hours of the employees involved, the individual projects can be displayed in a measurable way. They can be shown in different filters. As a project manager or administrator, you can view the activities of your team and the individual working hours of each employee on a specific day. You can see which tasks of the project are currently being worked on, how long they should take and how much of the employee’s time has already been booked to the task. 

In addition, you always keep an eye on the previously defined project budget and the costs already incurred. The measurable presentation of your projects gives you better opportunities to adjust, perform evaluations and present your projects more transparently for both you and your customer.

2. Build trust with customers

By mapping projects in a project time tracking software like timeghost, it is possible to create reports from the application that can be made available to clients at any time. The company can provide the client with transparent insights into the current budget consumption, progress and different team activities. The project manager can create a report in timeghost in an Excel or CVS file, in which all data about the current project is clearly presented. This not only gives the customer a feeling of trust, but also allows him to always have a transparent overview of what is currently being realized in the project.

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3. Awareness of time

We hear the statement more and more frequently that employees in the home office find it harder to concentrate and are easily distracted. The constant distractions and interruptions to work mean that working time is no longer perceived as such and the productivity of each employee ends up suffering as a result.

The creation of time entries or the recording of working hours leads to employees reflecting more frequently on what they are doing or what they are currently working on. In the home office, this turns out to be a major advantage. Employees do not lose touch with their work and can work much more focused and effective, which in the end is crucial for the professional success of the employees as well as the company.

4. Overview for administrators and project managers about all running projects

The overview of projects is one of the main reasons why project time tracking software should be implemented in every company. Due to the clear presentation of projects in timeghost, project managers and administrators have many possibilities to edit the different projects and make conclusions.