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5 Simple Tips for Boosting Your Productivity at Work and Home

5 simple tips for boosting your productivity at work and home

Tim Lauenroth

We all know the feeling that sometimes comes when we’ve had a super productive, successful day at work. We are proud of what we have accomplished today and would love to repeat it every day. Everyone strives to get to that flow state and perform their job efficiently without much stress. With the simple 5 tips from this blog, you can take your work to the next level in terms of productivity and achieve the flow state more often.

1. Setup your office space

Set up your office space at home so that you can work productively. It’s best to find a quiet place with minimal distractions around you. Most of the time, productivity in the home office suffers from the fact that you too quickly find pleasure in other things that are more exciting for you at that moment. Your desk should be set up accordingly. Try to put only the most necessary items on it, so that you avoid distractions in advance.

In the end, you will spend several hours a day at this place. It’s even more important that you feel comfortable at your desk. Plants or other objects that make the workplace more beautiful are therefore a good way to decorate your workspace at home.

2. Avoid multitasking

You’ve probably heard this tip many times, but it’s not being implemented enough at work. Multitasking takes away your focus on the most important things, which in turn reduces the quality of your work and consequently your productivity. Instead, focus on one task and give it your full attention. Most of the time, you’ll do this task more efficiently and you’ll be able to do the other task faster and with a better focus. Always ask yourself what you are working on and if your focus is only on that task.

3. Identify your most productive time of the day

Find out what your most productive time of the day is and set aside focus times during that time when you are not available. Most people are most productive in the morning. However, there are also people who are most productive in the afternoon or even in the evening. Recognize this phase and make it work for you by devoting 100% of your time to your work during this period. Ideally, schedule your meetings around your most productive phase so that you can devote your energy to your important tasks.

4. Automate manual tasks

“One of our core values at Zapier is ‘Don’t be a Robot, Build the Robot.’ No matter your role, you’ll find yourself doing repetitive, low-value work. Automating your manual tasks is one of the best ways to increase your productivity, outsize your impact, and stay focused on high-value work.”

– Wade Foster, CEO at Zapier

This quote sums up the essence of automated processes. Automation is definitely an accelerator of work because you can stop focusing on the “robotic” tasks and focus on the tasks that add more value to your work.

Timeghost, Zapier, PowerAutomate

timeghost Connector

In timeghost you have the possibility to automate your manual processes with Zapier and PowerAutomate connectors. We offer you different connectors to different programs that will make your work easier and at the same time improve your productivity.

Here you can find the link to the different programs that you can use to automate your processes in timeghost.

5. Be conscious about your time at work

How often does it happen that you lose track of time while working from home and don’t know how long you’ve been working or how much break time you’ve taken? Especially in the home office, there is a high risk that you get lost in time.  Often you don’t know exactly how much you’ve worked or when you should stop. That’s why it’s even more important to set yourself a clear time frame in which you can work productively and not get distracted. Planning in a calendar can be a great support to set the framework.

If you want to know how much you have worked and on which task and project you have worked, we recommend timeghost. Here you can record your working hours exactly and get new possibilities in terms of time management.  Especially for time management in the home office a great way to increase your productivity by better planning and recording your working time. In connection with the Microsoft Graph API, your Outlook calendar events are automatically displayed in timeghost.

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