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How Microsoft365 empowers its users for the new hybrid work

How Microsoft365 empowers its users for the new hybrid work?

Tim Lauenroth

What we can already say today – hybrid work is here to stay and will always evolve in the coming time. In recent years, we’ve been proven that new models of working can take root and even be more effective and better for employees and businesses.

Supported by the technical possibilities that are available to us today and will be developed in the future, the field of remote working will continue to expand. Microsoft is already integrating the technical possibilities available today into its working environment, creating a digital working world for its users in which the potential of remote working can be exploited.

As a Microsoft collaborative app, we also want to show our users the possibilities that are available within the Microsoft 365 environment.

The power of digital networking

“To thrive in this new world, every organization needs a digital fabric that binds the organization together with secure communication, collaboration, and creation. This digital fabric will enable flexibility and strengthen connections across people and teams.”

What’s new in Microsoft365 – how we’re empowering everyone for a new world of hybrid work – Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365

Microsoft enables different connections within its programs from the Microsoft 365 environment. Automated processes create networks among programs that simplify work for people and teams. In doing so, Microsoft Teams is at the center of the Microsoft environment.

Capabilities within Teams

Metaverse integrated with Teams

Capabilities within Microsoft Teams: Metaverse

“Personalized avatars give you control to customize your avatar and use AI to imitate movements and gestures that enable you to bring your physical presence into the conversation, even when your camera is off.”

What’s new in Microsoft 365 – how we’re empowering everyone for a new world of hybrid work – Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365

Metaverse is another step in making remote working more attractive and practical. You can make your meetings the way you want them to be and bring them more to life. At the same time, you can customize your meeting environment by, for example, creating different rooms depending on the occasion.

Teams Meetings

“We’re bringing new updates to the Teams meeting experience to encourage more inclusive and productive hybrid meetings”

What’s new in Microsoft 365 – how we’re empowering everyone for a new world of hybrid work – Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365

With that in mind, new features were unveiled at Ignite, some of them are already available on Teams. You can see which Microsoft Teams features from Ignite we liked best here.

That Microsoft cares about providing people with a platform to network in the remote work environment with Microsoft Teams is obvious. In parallel, Microsoft Teams is the central platform for networking different Microsoft programs. Isolated solutions are a thing of the past!

As a Office365 or Microsoft Teams user, you can use the functions of the individual programs in other programs of your Microsoft environment. The associated extensions enable you to build up a network of different programs that are interconnected in such a way that they are perfectly adapted to your needs at work.

Collaborative Apps

Collaborative Apps from Teams offer you the possibility to specifically extend your Microsoft365 environment. In the Teams Store you will find over 500 collaborative apps from different areas.

Our time tracking software is also integrated into the Microsoft environment. This allows you to display various events from Microsoft programs in timeghost and record them as working time in the software. For example, your Outlook calendar events that you have entered are automatically displayed in the software. You can record them directly as working time. The software is designed to be simple and intuitive, so that the process of entering time is quick and easy.

Outlook integration in Microsoft Teams

The unique thing about our time tracking: You stay in the Microsoft365 environment!

Customize and extend your network with Zapier and PowerAutomate

In addition to the integration into the Microsoft environment, our software gives you the option to connect external programs such as Asana or Trello with the time tracking software. This is made possible by Zapier and PowerAutomate connectors.

Here you can see to which programs timeghost already has connectors and here (using Freshdesk as an example) how to set them up.

timeghost for free

Feel free to test the integration of our time recording software in the Microsoft environment in our 14 day free trial.

Give us feedback

We really appreciate all the feedback we can get, so please feel free to contact us and tell us what needs improvement or what you are missing in the software.  

If you need any help in setting up timeghost, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Center or send us an email to [email protected]

Get the timeghost Teams App 

You only need to install the timeghost Teams App directly from the AppSource Store in the application. You can find a manual on how to do this right here. The app includes all features that you know from the web client and since you use your Office 365 account in order to access timeghost you’re set and done in only a few seconds. 

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