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In order to get the most out of our time tracking tool, an important thing is to understand how we want to help your business with our software. There are some statements about time tracking systems in general that we deliberately distance ourselves from. We will show you which time tracking myths we turn away from, which values are behind timeghost and how we help your company with our software. 

1. “Time tracking is only meant for control”.

It may seem to many employees that there is more checking on what employees are doing. This gives employees the interpretation that their bosses no longer trust them.


Benefits for administrators and employees

At timeghost, we’re all about increasing productivity within the team. We achieve this by recording the various tasks of a project as a time entry to get an overview of who is currently working on which task and for how long. Based on this, the manager can see the whole project in detail and better control the project. With the features the software offers administrators, such as the Team Activitiy Feature or the Profitability Feature, administrators and project managers can keep a close eye on their projects.

Time tracking in the home office

By working from home, the separation between work and private life is getting more and more mixed. Especially in the home office it is important to keep work and private life apart. It is tempting to quickly answer an e-mail in the evening when the PC is right in the next room.

timeghost is available here as a support for the separation between both important areas of life and as a protection for every employee. Through the transparently displayed time entries, task, project and duration of working time are displayed and the employee can see every day exactly how long he has worked on what and can devote himself to his private life in peace after work is done. 

2. “Time tracking only stresses me out”.

Tight time slots are not news to agile teams. Tracking times creates the impression that deadline stress could be added to employees. However, the stress the team might feel depends on how timed time tracking systems are used. In order to plan and calculate projects successfully, it makes little sense to set times for every small task and thereby directly create performance pressure in the team.


Create projects clearly and transparently

Our time tracking tool, for example, can be used as a tool for planning projects. If a new project is created in the software, you can assign a time budget to each task that arises in the project. The sum of the time budgets of the individual tasks gives at the end the project duration and also the project costs. In the application you can set hourly rates for each employee and assign the employees to the tasks. In addition, you can determine the costs incurred for the customer and let your customer know how much the project will cost. Instead of deadline stress, you get a transparent overview of the project and can implement it effectively with your team.

3. “Constant time tracking takes up too much time”.

At first, manually entering working hours feels like a tedious, extra task where the added value is not immediately apparent. However, it is precisely the entry of working hours that is the decisive factor in keeping track of projects and one’s own tasks. Many are still familiar with entering working hours using the Excel program. We agree that this is no longer up-to-date and worth the effort.


Cloud-based time tracking tools

In the meantime, there are cloud-based solutions where entering working hours is simple, intuitive, and fast. When it comes to clocking in, again, it comes down to dosage. If you’re writing down what you’re working on every minute, it will logically take you away from your work because it requires a lot of effort. However, if you track by the hour or every half hour, recording your work hours is very effective. Your time management will improve because you will have a clear view of your activities.

Entering times in timeghost

Entering your working hours is fast and can be automated. In the software you have different connections to Microsoft365 – programs like Outlook, Teams, Planner, SharePoint etc. through the Microsoft Graph API. With the connection to Outlook, your events are automatically transferred to the timeghost feed. From there, you can enter them as time entries in the software with two clicks. Our AI assistant Timmy helps you assign the time entry to tasks and projects.

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