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NEW Feature - timeghost Date Picker

NEW timeghost Feature – 3 modes to individualize your time entries

Tim Lauenroth

We are proud to announce that our new feature has finally gone live and is available for everyone to use. It is the timeghost Date Picker. With this feature you can display your working hours the way you want. There are three different modes, which we want to introduce to you in this short use case:

– Flexible Mode

– Duration Mode

– Start/End Optional

timeghost Start/End Mode

With the Start/End Mode you can not only see the duration but also the range, i.e. the time period in which you have completed your task. In the screenshot you can see the range on the left side and the duration with date on the right side in the enlarged view. This mode gives you the most information about your time entry.

timeghost-Start/End mode

timeghost Duration Mode

If you want to make your time entries a bit more streamlined and only show the duration of several tasks, then select Duration Mode in the administrator settings. If the time, when a task was done not that important to you and your team, Duration Mode is recommended.

imeghost Duration Mode

More options with the timeghost Flexible Mode

This variant includes the possibility to display your time entries in Duration Mode as well as in Start/End Mode. For example, if you book a time in Duration Mode, you can still change it afterwards as a Start/End Mode time entry. This gives you the possibility to individualize the tasks of your different projects even more. For one project it might make more sense to keep the time entries of the employees only in Duration Mode, for other projects you might want to use Start/End Mode.

imeghost Flexible Mode

The administrator releases the settings

As administrator you can choose between the different modes. You can select them in the settings.

Go to “Settings” and select the option “Time Input Mode” in the workspace settings. Afterwards you will see the free modes you can choose between. At this point it is important to press the „Save“ button.

Test timeghost for free at your company with the 14 day free trail.

Try it yourself

We really appreciate all the feedback we can get, so please feel free to contact us and tell us what needs improvement or what you are missing in timeghost. 

If you need any help in setting up timeghost, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Center or send us an email to [email protected].

Get the timeghost Teams App

You only need to install the timeghost Teams App directly from the AppSource Store in the application. You can find a manual on how to do this right here. The App includes all features that you know from the web client and since you use your Office 365 account in order to access timeghost you’re set and done in only a few seconds.

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