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timeghost meets Microsoft Planner

Using the Microsoft Planner in combination with timeghost is a perfect match! 

Feed your Feed
The Feed your Feed feature allows you to grant timeghost permission to connect to certain Office 365 apps via Graph API in order to make activities and events trackable in your timeghost feed. For more information on this feature look on our timeghost Feed page.
Using automations
You can connect timeghost with lots of other services by using our connectors for Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier and IFTTT. That way you can automate important workflows and make time tracking more comfortable for you.

What is Microsoft Planner?

Microsoft Planner is a web-based tool for work management. It is an Office 365 service. This easy-to-use tool makes it possible to plan tasks and handle small projects without complex planning effort. 

Tracking times in Planner

With the Planner, task boards can be created quickly  which help you to organize small projects easily. In order to be able to assign times to the tasks in Planner and thus to have more control of your time budget, there are two quick and easy ways to connect timeghost with the Planner. 

First of all of you can set up a native Planner integration using the Feed your Feed feature which allows you to transfer certain Planner tasks right to your timeghost Feed from where you can book them on the matching project. 

Besides that you can also set up workflow automations that allow you to synch projects, tasks and buckets that are created in Planner and timeghost. For this you can use one of our connectors for Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier and IFTTT.

Feed Microsoft Planner events to your Feed

Native integration in timeghost

Feed your Feed

We created timeghost to be a right at the heart of your digital workplace. Therefore it is especially designed with a perfect integration to Office 365 in mind. This is represented in the Feed your Feed feature that you can find in your timeghost Feed. 

Here you can choose to include all Planner tasks by simply activating it in the menu. 
Please note that you need to have administrator permissions in order to activate the integration since timeghost will use the Microsoft Graph API in order to get the Planner tasks from your task boards and feed them to your timeghost feed. 

timeghost Power Automate Templates for Planner

Automate your workflows – track your times more conveniently 

When task added in Planner, add task in timeghost

The connection between timeghost and Planner offers you a great opportunity to make tracking the times you spent with certain tasks even more convenient. All you need to do is to active the template in your Power Automate account and set up some more details.

For this particular template to work you will to follow these steps:

  1. Delete the value you see in the Group ID input field and choose your Planner Plan from the occurring drop-down-menu.
  2. Also add the matching Plan ID by deleting the default value in this input field and then choosing the right Plan from the drop-down-menu that occurs.
  3. Afterwards choose your Workspace, Client and Project to which the Planner tasks should be added in your timeghost.
  4. To finish this setup and start using the template please click on Save.

When project added in timeghost, add bucket in Planner

Using the timeghost Power Automate Connector makes  it easier for you to set up projects and add them as buckets in your Microsoft Planner too.  That way you can use Planner to manage your tasks and projects and easily track the times in timeghost.

Simply add some more details in this template as well by following these steps:

1.    Delete the default value and add the right workspace that you want to connect to your Plan.

2.    Please make sure to keep the Name input as it is, in order to allow Planner to use the project’s name that you set up in timeghost.

3.    Delete the default values in both in the Group ID and Plan ID input field and choose the right Plan from the occurring drop-down-menu.

4.    To finish this setup and start using the template please click on Save.

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