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Roadmap Q2 2021

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roadmap q2 2021
New Features

You can see here the latest features that we plan to implement in one of the next timeghost updates for the second quarter of 2021. 

Better Performance
It's always in the focus for us to improve the overall performance of timeghost's web app and Teams app. 
More integrations of Microsoft 365 apps
It's our main goal to integrate timeghost even deeper in the Microsoft 365 environment. Therefore, we will introduce new integrations in this quarter

Roadmap Q2

Hourly Rates for projects and tasks ✅

With this feature added to timeghost you will be able to set up your individual hourly rates for each project. This will make billing your clients way easier and more comfortable.

NEW Feature

Microsoft Teams calls in timeghost Feed ✅

Bringing Microsoft Teams call to the timeghost Feed was one of our main goals right from the beginning and in Q2 2021 we will achieve this.  

NEW Microsoft 365 integration

SharePoint Files in timeghost Feed ✅

This is an integration that was raised very often by the timeghost users and will deepen the connection between timeghost and another very popular Microsoft product.

NEW Microsoft 365 integration

Refactoring the timeghost Apps ✅

Refactoring the timeghost Web and Teams app will improve the performance and help our users to work as smooth and comfortable as they are used to it already. 


Zapier Connector ✅

Adding a timeghost Zapier connector to our portfolio will allow you to connect timeghost to a lot of different third party services and enable you to setup and design your individual workflows. 

NEW Integrations

timeghost Feed Redesign ✅

NEW Feature

Individual colors for Clients

NEW Feature

Grant permissions to groups

This feature will allow you to set up groups with different permissions. That way you can add permissions to certain members of your workspace faster and more comfortably. 

NEW Feature

If you are missing some features or want to give us feedback don't hesitate to contact us