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Roadmap Q3 2021

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roadmap q2 2021
New Features
You can see here the latest features that we plan to implement in one of the next timeghost updates for the third quarter of 2021.
Better Performance
It's always in the focus for us to improve the overall performance of timeghost's web app and Teams app. 
More integrations of Microsoft 365 apps
It's our main goal to integrate timeghost even deeper in the Microsoft 365 environment. Therefore, we will introduce new integrations in this quarter

Roadmap Q3

Syncing Microsoft Teams groups ✅

This integration will enable users to sync their existing Microsoft Teams groups and on-board them right to timeghost.

NEW Microsoft 365 Integration

Dashboard Redesign

We want to improve the performance of the dashboard feature and also include new graphs and filters.


AI Assistant for timeghost Feed ✅

NEW Feature

Description of time entries ✅

This feature will enable timeghost users to write down further information for each time entry in order to categorize them more efficiently.

NEW Feature

Tracking times in the future ✅

Once this is implemented there will be a new setting available that hinders your employees from tracking their times into the future. 

NEW Setting

Grant permissions to groups ✅

This feature will allow you to set up groups with different permissions. That way you can add permissions to certain members of your workspace faster and more comfortably. 

NEW Feature

If you are missing some features or want to give us feedback don't hesitate to contact us